What to expect

A session at ATOM will consist of reviewing your medical history and taking readings of your general biomechanics. We then test to see which muscles are inhibiting you—it may be one or several. After we pinpoint your specific problems, we use a robotic arm to lengthen the shortened muscles, taking tension off of your skeletal structure and restoring balance.

To schedule an appointment, please call 248-607-2722 and we would be happy to help!

IT Band Placement - 10x Speed


How does robotic therapy alleviate pain?

When muscles shorten, they pull the body out of alignment. This causes stress and pressure on the bones and nerves. Lengthening the muscles allows the body to relax back into its natural state, which alleviates pain and restores balance.

How long are the treatments and how much do they cost?

The initial session is 90 minutes ($187.50) and includes a full assessment as well as a full treatment. Subsequent treatments are 50-60 minutes ($125.00) based on assessment time needed and timeliness of arrival.

How many sessions are needed?

Most client protocols range from 1 to 10 sessions with an overall average of 5. Everyone's body is different and some respond faster to the treatment than others.

Do you take insurance?

HSA and FSA are accepted. 

We are an out-of-pocket clinic because insurance companies stipulate the frequency and duration of therapy sessions.  We believe clients should receive the amount of therapy which helps them reach a place of wellness without restriction.  We can provide an invoice for you to file for reimbursement from your insurance provider.

Payment methods include cash, credit or check.  


Is robotic therapy painful?

One of the benefits of robotic therapy is that we can adjust the amount of pressure based on your real-time feedback.  

Who is the typical robotic therapy client?

We treat all ages, all professions, and all levels of athletes, and can help with a whole host of conditions. 

What is the intake form and how do I schedule?

The new client intake form gives us your background information to allow us to identify and treat your core problem, not just your symptoms. The intake form is needed before the first appointment. Completing the intake form does not schedule an appointment. To schedule an appointment, please fill out the online scheduling form, or call 248-607-2722 and we will be happy to help!

What should I wear?

Comfortable, breathable, lounge-type clothing is preferred.

"I had been dealing with an IT band issue for months that I just could not stretch, yoga, or will away...four robotic therapy treatments later and my running was back to normal and pain free."

Marc M.