Our team

Marc Melville


Marc is a lifelong athlete having played soccer, rugby, adventure racing, and ultrarunning. 35yrs+ of pushing physical limits was starting to catch up with him in the form of IT band issues, tight hamstrings, and hip flexors, not flexing. Determined to keep doing things he loves, he has incorporated RPT into his training and recovery to keep moving and pushing limits. His goal is to share this technology with all of those who want to live their best life, as pain-free as possible.

Mike Rosenbergh


Mike is a Physical Therapist Assistant and has been working in outpatient physical therapy for over seven years. He has treated various orthopedic conditions, post-op, and sports related injuries. Mike played collegiate Lacrosse at Bellarmine University and is no stranger to injury. He has a passion to help people get back to doing what they love.

"I had been dealing with an IT band issue for months that I just could not stretch, yoga, or will away...four robotic therapy treatments later and my running was back to normal and pain free."

Marc M.